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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday 7.12.15

Dress: Asos
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Beauty: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, for today's post I wanted to do something different. I am attending a christening with my fiance Michael and his family so I wanted to to post my outfit of the day, now since this is going up early in the morning I won't have any pictures of myself in the dress to post, atleast not till much later, so I posted some images of the dress I will be wearing along with accessories and makeup of the day. The dress is from Asos Plus Size line it's so lightweight and comfortable and flatters my body very well. The look I had in mind is a personal favorite of mine it's light, classic and simple. Since the celebration will take place outdoors I always make sure I'm prepared especially since it's the summertime and I don't want my face to melt in the heat. I use lightweight products such as foundations that give the coverage I want without looking cakey. I prefer a luminous glow in the summer, so I will use highlighters to give myself that natural glow and pare that with a beautiful neutral eye, usually I stay away from liner when I'm in the heat for a long period of time but for this look I usually just take the darkest shade from the palette and line my eyes and most times I will limit the mascara usage to just natural looking falsies and I tie the whole look together with a light lip gloss that isn't sticky and goopy but shines and moisturizes and I complete my look by  setting my makeup with a setting spray so everything stays in place and doesn't melt off. I hope you all enjoy and have a blessed Sunday.

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