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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

 (lol Yes I was watching cartoons haha)

 (Please excuse the messy sofa we were putting away laundry when we shot this LOL!!)

 (Olivia and Thumper at play on my very light upholstered sofa smh)

Happy Tuesday everyone! For todays post I wanted to share an update on my living room decor, I mentioned in a post from a few years ago on my home decor inspiration here  since then I have been trying to collect pieces that will fit the theme I have for my living room. I really wanted something chic and classy that showed off accents of gold, silver and white <3 and I fell in love with all the pieces that I chose for my living room! Its still a work in progress but with the wedding finally over I can now focus on this space for our home! I hope you all enjoy!

P.S. For anyone wondering the pieces of cardboard on the floor are from the box my bunnies like to play with lol they have them everywhere lol!


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