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Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday 2.5.18

Happy Monday Everyone! For todays post Im talking about my new blog name and site change. So where do I begin? (LOL) Well to start I have been thinking about changing the look of my blog for quite some time, when I initially started my blog I had this image in my head of how I wanted it to look , while its still a work in progress I am absolutely in love with how it's all coming together. The process was difficult at first trying explain what I was going for without having the end result look like someone else's blog site, my husband Michael (the patient soul that he is lol) helped me design and set up my site which made this site redo so much more special to me. (Michael I love you so much!)  The content of my blog will pretty much remain with more added fashion and home decor coming as well.

As for the name change I wanted something that truly represented who I am The Curvy Brooklyn Girl was a name that I felt really captured me. That if you go back to the first post of my blog here I talked about leaving my home in Brooklyn, NY and coming to New Jersey, while I will never regret my decision to live here I will always be a Brooklyn girl at heart! While I am a New Yorker always I wanted the content of my blog to focus on what I feel is important, modern day fashion looks for my beautiful curvy plus size women around the world! While living here in New Jersey I would always get a lot of questions from women about my clothes, shoes, hair and handbags, and I would always tell them the stores and sites I purchased from, so sharing all of my outfit finds is something that I am so happy to do on a daily basis. So I really hope you all enjoy the new look of my site and I look forward to sharing more with you my loves!


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