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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Top: Torrid | Jeans: Torrid | Shoes: Sold Out (Similar Pair Here) | Lipstick: NYX (Soft Spoken) 

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are almost over the hump of the week, and I'm so excited for this weekend coming up! For today's post I'm sharing my current makeup routine, I have been using this routine for the last few weeks and I am obsessed with how it looks! As most of you know I work in an office setting so I never really have time to get ready in the morning so I do very quick touch ups during the work week. But on days when I have a little extra time I indulge myself in a full face routine, so prepare yourself this one is going to be a long post, I will try to go in the order of what I use first to last.

So I definitely can't start my makeup with out primer, I have two that I use depending on how my skin is feeling that day. I am combination skin so I love to make sure my skin is in full balance as far as my oil production and the dryness I experience on the other areas of my face. 

Smashbox Water Primer: I love this primer for my skin! At first it took me some time to get used to the idea of a water primer when it first launched a few years ago and after figuring out how to make it work for my skin and after many trials and errors I finally figured out how to make it best work for me. I am obsessed with this primer it makes my skin feel so refreshed and gives me such a healthy beautiful glow. So when applying this primer it comes in a spray bottle that comes out in a mist like form I just do a few pumps all over the face and wait for it to settle and fully dry. Doing this will enhance that glow when you apply your foundation. You can buy it Here

Double Tenseur Moisturizing Gel by Sisley Paris: Ok so I know this primer is crazy expensive  but I would not suggest it if I hadn't had amazing results while using it. So I normally use this primer for special occasions, because it is so expensive I tend to only wear it if I'm going out with my husband to dinner or for any special occasions with family and friends. The feel of this primer is so different from the many others I have tried over the years its smooth to the touch and has a sticky tacky texture once it is applied to the skin, clings to my foundation so well I almost never have to touch up or reapply my foundation in any area on my face, You can buy it Here 

Ok so this is probably the hardest part of this post because I always struggle to find my exact shade or close to it in foundations, some can always be to red or to yellow on me so it is hard finding an exact match. so for the ones I use I mix them and it creates the perfect shade match for me .

Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation: I can't say enough good things about this foundation besides the finish it leaves on my skin, the coverage is about a medium to full so its also buildable to create a complete full coverage with just a few additional pumps. I love that this foundations isn't heavy or too thick so the blenablitiy is amazing. I recommend applying this with a Beauty Blender just because of the finish it leaves while the beauty blender absorbs any excess product on the skin. But I also sometimes use a foundation brush to apply my foundation. You can purchase it Here or Here 

L'Oreal True Match Super Blend-able Foundation: Ok so for my second foundation this is what I mix my Diorskin with to create my perfect match. I use this specific foundation because the shade is just a little lighter than my normal skin tone so it mixes perfectly with my Mocha shade I use in the Diorskin foundation I usually just use a nickel size amount on the back of my hand and mix them together and apply using my Beauty Blender. The finish of this foundation blends perfectly with the my Dior foundation and its always so flawless when it sets with or without powder on top. You can buy it Here or Here


For my concealers I'm gonna be a little biased and only mention one lol (sorry not sorry) 😩
but this concealer has been my go to for over a year now and I love it I haven't been able to pick another one since I discovered this so I hope you guys will be ok with just one.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: This concealer is so amazing!!! I can't get enough besides being the perfect shade for me its full coverage and super blend-able with or without foundation on. I love it! I literally put this concealer on every time I walk out the door, and with the doe foot applicator it picks up enough product to use all over any major problem areas on my face. I apply it using my beauty Blender but I sometimes switch up and use a brush for tighter areas like around my nose and under eye. You can buy it Here

Contour Kits
For my contour kits I have three that I use, I switch up from time to time depending on what I'm in the mood for, I have a cream kit and a powder kit, that I alternate between.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Cream Kit: This is like the holy grail of contour kits and I of course was late to game when I purchased this but the fist time I used it I will admit I was so confused  😳 this kit had me a little nervous because I didn't know where to start but a youtuber I follow did a video on how to apply this kit and I practiced from watching her and many other youtubers when learning to use and apply this kit into my daily makeup routine and I have to say it made all the difference in my makeup looks I created. Buy Here or Here
Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kit: So for this kit its powder version of the cream kit ^and if you are a little intimidated by the cream kit the powder version is just as good and much easier to use if your looking for something much simpler. You can purchase it Here

Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette: This contour palette is on of my favorites! The shades are so pigmented and gives such a great matte finish to the skin that it looks almost airbrushed! Its so easy to use and I love that it doesn't leave a grey or ashy cast on my skin. I always apply this with a brush normally any natural hair brush does the trick for a smooth application. You can buy it Here  

Now for this portion of my post I rarely get into using a bunch of different powders, so the ones I do use are pretty standard and work great for my skin.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: This is one of my favorite setting powders, I use the deep shade for darker skin tones, I mostly use this one for under eye setting my concealer and  correcting any sharp lines when contouring my face. I leaves a matte finish but since I'm on the oily side this one works best for my skin. You Can Buy it Here

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural: I always gravitate towards this powder because it never lets me down! 😫😩 I have tried so many different powder foundations but I always come back to this one the color and finish always leaves my skin looking fresh and healthy, I usually apply this with a damp beauty sponge after I have competely finished with applying my foundation, I recommend this to anyone just starting out in makeup if liquid foundation makes you a little nervous, you can start with a simple powder foundation. You can purchase this Here

Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Brows / Mascara
So for this portion of my post I'm going to list the currant eye and brow products Im using recently so I won't let this post drag on for too long. LOL

Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette: Ok so I know I've mentioned this palette so many times on my blog but I am obsessed with this (lol I know I use that word a lot) so yes I can't say enough good things about this palette, I just can't seem to put it down honestly every time I get ready I can't think of any other colors because the neutral shades are just so creamy, smooth, pigmented and work so well with my skin tone. I mean what more could a girl ask for?! LOL I honestly recommend this pallet to anyone who is looking for an affordable functional eyeshadow pallet thats under $40 bucks. You can but it Here or Here  

Maybelline Gel Liner: One of the best drug store eyeliners I have every used!!! I have used many high end eyeliners and I hated them on me, they just made me feel like I paid for the name and not a worthy product which made me skeptical when I tried this one because I had been let down so many times with other eyeliner brands. So when I discovered this one I never went back! It is so smooth when applied on the lash line that I never have to worry about it drying out! You can buy it here Here or Here  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil: I LOVE THIS BROW PENCIL!!!!! LOL So I know I am mentioning this brand a lot in the post but I love Anastasia's brow definer its so amazing it the perfect pencil shape for my brows that filling them in is so easy and fast I use this every morning when I get ready for work! You can purchase it Here

Essence Lash Princess Mascara: This has become one of my favorite drugstore mascaras! I purchased this just over 2 months ago and I can't stop using it separates and lifts my lashes while giving them extra volume and making it look like I'm wearing falsies!! You can purchase it Here  

My current lipsticks have been a mostly drugstore brands with a few high end brands that I'm loving right now so this portion won't be like the other in this post I will just list the names of what I'm using right now.

NYX: So with this particular brand I have been using a lot of there Liquid suede cream lipstick 
and there Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick  they give such a gorgeous finish!

YSL Liquid Lipsticks: This is more of a high end lipstick but I have been sing this brands' lipsticks for years so I can say that I haven't tried a lipstick or gloss that I didn't like.

Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain and Volupte Liquid Balm 

Setting Sprays
Finally we are at the end of this post!! LOL and I want to share my favorite current setting sprays so for this portion I have only been using two for that last two years and I can't do my makeup with out them.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist: This is an amazing setting spray I first discovered this product on Instagram another blogger mentioned it in her insta stories and I was so amazed by how her skin looked after she applied it I was suddenly ordering it online that day LOL.But I normally use this when I am about to apply my foundation I spray it on my beauty blender so it will give me a radiant glow as I am applying the foundation to my entire face. You can purchase it Here

Mac Prep+Prime Fix+: So this is like the holy grail of hydrating face mists, myself and so many other makeup artists have used this mist so many years! I have been using  it since I started in makeup almost 8 years ago, and no matter what new product comes out I always come back to this one. I use it to set my face before and after I complete my makeup routine just because I live the way it sets everything I have on leaving me with a beautiful finish, I spray it on a synthetic brush or my beauty blender and it gives amazing results! You can buy it Here or Here

So there you have it my entire updated makeup routine listed in full detail I hope you all stuck with me till the end LOL I know it was a lot but with the amount of questions that I get about what I'm using or wearing on my face I felt I needed to make this post to help anyone that wants to know. I hope you all enjoy!


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